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In the House is a youth engagement program funded by the Department of Juvenile Justice and developed by Sydney Opera House. The program aims to engage with young people at risk who are transitioning from the juvenile justice system back into the community.

This film was created by Sydney Opera House and documents the participants' journey over two days of intensive arts engagement workshops and vocational learning, which took place at Sydney Opera House and Blacktown Arts Centre in July 2011.

The program was developed in partnership with NSW community mentoring organisation Whitelion and artist Candy Bowers. In the House aims to provide support and create positive pathways for participants through a series of arts workshops and performances facilitated by Candy Bowers, a Hip Hop artist and actor, and Matthew Peet, Hip Hop artist ‘Mistry' and graffiti artist. 

In the House builds on the strong foundations established in the 2010 pilot program Detours and Destinations, in a model where cross-sectoral partnerships are leveraged to intervene in the lives of youth at risk.

Sydney Opera House acknowledges the support of Whitelion, Blacktown Arts Centre and Street University – Ted Noffs Foundation during the making of this film.

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