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16/08/2010 01:00
Event Date: 30 November -0001 03:24   |  

Neil Gaiman is one of the most celebrated writers of our times. Having achieved legendary status with his Sandman comics, his stories cross all boundaries, from comics to award-winning novels, screenplays, scripts and even audio theatre plays. A number of his works have been turned into or optioned for major motion pictures including Stardust and Coraline. Exciting future projects in the works include the films Death: the High Cost of Living and The Graveyard Book as well as a forthcoming episode of Dr Who. In a world first, Gaiman will read aloud his previously unreleased story The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains, in the spectacular surrounds of the Concert Hall. Sydney Opera House has commissioned the renowned artist Eddie Campbell to illustrate the story and FourPlay String Quartet to create an entirely new underscore to the story.

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